About me

I was born in Paris to Iranian parents during the time of the Iranian Revolution and moved back to the country of my citizenship soon afterwards. My father,Mohammad-Reza Aslani, had been a filmmaker of quite a high stature before the Revolution and is still teaching and making films in his homeland. My mother,Soudabeh Fazaeli, who studied comparative literature at Cambridge University, is are nowned translator, still working inexhaustibly in Iran.I directed my first short film, Bahram Yasht, when I was 18 years old. Over the past ten years, I have directed eight other short films and documentaries. I was given the opportunity to direct my first feature, Flowing Treasure, in the year 2009. This feature was commissioned by a governmental organization.Afterwards, I received a scholarship from an American Institute of Cinematic Arts in Jordan, where I studied film making and cinematography. In 2013, I graduated from the MA program at University of Kent in Canterbury.As a result of constant exposure to a number of different cultures and circumstances in my life, I believe I have been able to gain a broader cultural understanding. I also boast a somewhat significant knowledge of film-philosophy, art history, photography,and have published a number of books in the above fields.